Our address

RA, Region of Ararat, town of Artashat, Mravyan 6
tel.: (+374 91) 362 555
       (+374 99) 000 308
       (+374 94) 450 308
       (+374 235) 2 24 24
e-mail: marine.06@inbox.ru
The management of "NARVAKI" LLC

About the company

At the present time "NARVAKI" LLC is one of the leading producers of school, office, kitchen, children's furniture. We offer a great assortment of office and school furniture. We've started to produce new kinds of children's furniture. We offer a big variety of chairs made of wood. We can also design hotels and offices.

For effective and beautiful placing you can enjoy the designer's services of our company. We can make furniture with the individual order and design.

Production is carried out by using the best foreign equipments. Clean raw material is used for producing goods.

Today "NARVAKI" LLC has got a large number of consumers among which are state and private organizations such as The Social Investment Fund of Armenia, The Children Fund of The UNO , regional administrations, communities, educational institutions, pre-school funds, private sector.

The Origin and the Activity of the Company

"NARVAKI" LLC originated from "AHAG" which began its activity in 1994.

"NARVAKI" LLC plays a large role especially in furnishing schools. It produces qualified goods.

In recent years there has been a great progress in the production of office, children's, kitchen furniture.

In 2008 the company developed a new workshop where there are up-to-date machinery and tools.

At present the company's furniture shop is being built.

"NARVAKI*" LLC has got high qualified, perspective, experienced workers, specialists.

The company is also known for its charity.

We are going to cooperate with one of the Dutch furniture making company.